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PWC Success Stories Part 1


I wanted to share a few examples of success stories that I’ve experienced in the short time that our clinic has been open. Here is the first installment. These are the types of things that keep me going and bolster my commitment to bringing comprehensive pain treatment and care to the city of Vaughan and the surrounding neighborhoods.

A 51 year old bank manager with a weak left leg from an old polio infection broke her thigh bone slipping off her staircase at home 1.5 years ago. She had 3 knee surgeries and was left with a hot, swollen and extremely painful (due to nerve damage) knee, which is permanently locked. Within a week we had arranged for an urgent appointment with one of our expert orthopedic surgeons at the Toronto Western Hospital, where she was placed on the urgent list for surgery. At the same time we prescribed appropriate medications for her pain and the nerve damage in her knee, while she sees our psychiatrist for support.


Quick referral to an academic hospital, appropriate pain management, and treatment of depression, is the best way to treat such a serious and complex problem.