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At the Pain and Wellness Centre, we believe in the power of collaboration and positivity. Our interdisciplinary pain clinic provides exceptional care and support to our patients, and we know that the key to achieving this lies in building a team of dedicated professionals who share our vision.

Joining our team means becoming part of a close-knit community where everyone's contributions are valued and respected. We foster an environment of warmth and inclusivity, where team players thrive and positive energy flows freely. We understand that our work is not just about treating physical pain but also about uplifting spirits and improving overall well-being.

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are driven to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you're a medical professional, therapist, administrator, or support staff member, your role at the Pain and Wellness Centre will be vital in creating a positive impact.

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To thrive in our workplace, we value qualities such as empathy, being a team player, compassion, and a genuine commitment to helping others. We believe in creating an atmosphere where patients feel comfortable and supported, and where every team member can contribute their unique skills and perspectives. In addition to our focus on patient care, we prioritize the well-being and growth of our team members.

We always accept resumes as our team is constantly growing. To explore current job opportunities, please see what we are looking for:

  • Massage Therapist (Weekend Availability required)
  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

If you are interested, please email your resume to

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Our team believes that wellness is holistic; meaning it involves both body and mind.

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