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Vaughan's Leading Injury Recovery and Wellness Clinic

The Pain and Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Angela Mailis in September of 2014. Located in Vaughan Ontario, we are a hand selected group of evidence-based health care providers who aim to treat pain and restore wellness.

We use a comprehensive, whole-person approach to assess, diagnose, and manage patients by offering a variety of high-quality services. We bridge eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence-based treatments all under one roof.

Our team believes the Mind and Body are intimately connected and need to be addressed when dealing with pain.

Our aim at the Pain and Wellness Centre is to help you achieve better health by providing effective evidence-based holistic treatments that address both the body and mind.

Our Approach


Our centre provides patient care that is second to none. Patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly nurtured by our attentive team. When you are at the Pain and Wellness Centre, you are not treated like a number.

Customized Treatment

We offer personalized and customized care based on your unique needs. Let’s face it, your needs and your body are like no other so your treatment plan should be tailored to you. No one-size fits all approach exists here.

Sustainable Results

We are all about educating our patients and giving them the tools and techniques to sustain their results. We want to empower our patients to be in the drivers seat and equip them with resources that will create lasting, sustainable results.

Our Services

"Treat Pain, Preserve Wellness"

natasha walshnatasha walsh
22:09 08 Dec 23
I highly recommend this Centre. If given an opportunity to utilize the service or offered their truly, one of a kind "wholistic" approach in helping one become better, healthier for what ailment has set them back... TAKE IT... I am so grateful for this experience. Staff are phenomenal, and truly care about you and are passionate in the care they provide. Again thank you.
Crystal WoodCrystal Wood
23:54 06 Dec 23
It was a enlightening experience were I learned more in 20 minutes than I have in the last 9 years about my condition. The staff are friendly and supportive. Thank you!
Ilke KartunayIlke Kartunay
21:20 05 Dec 23
A truly distinctive patient focused clinic that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Friendly staff, clean office, parking available. After many visits to indifferent clinics, I feel optimistic for the first time.
Veronica EspositoVeronica Esposito
16:51 04 Dec 23
George TsivarasGeorge Tsivaras
03:09 22 Nov 23
The part that has kept me at PWC is the great massages I have had from Anthi. She is thoughtful and thorough in how she approaches your issues without assuming that each session will be the same as the last.I’ve experienced a lot of improvement in my neck/shoulders and have reached a point where my treatments are less urgently needed due to the pain I had been having without Anthi's help. She always offers suggestions for alleviating any of the tightness I have. Aside from being a great massage therapist, she is a calm and lovely human being who immediately put me at ease.
deborah smith-webberdeborah smith-webber
21:41 20 Nov 23
Dr. Demetry Assimakopoulos, DC is everything a pain specialist should be. Highly recommended.
Samantha CrimiSamantha Crimi
13:59 20 Nov 23
The Pain & Wellness Centre is a great place for therapy approached from many angles. I’ve been a patient for years and my experiences with different doctors, trainers and staff have been excellent.Reception is friendly, organized and efficient. Karen is a warm and welcoming therapist. Sean is a very knowledgeable chiropractor. Anthi gives the best massages and Dr Malis spearheads a great team and is very open to your needs and ailments.Overall, I would highly recommend this clinic for those in need with pain in the body and mind.
Erik SorichettiErik Sorichetti
23:08 14 Nov 23
I have been a client of PWC for almost 6 years now. From the first day I visited the clinic for treatment, I was greeted by the warm staff and treated like family ever since. Dr. Sean Sutton is amazing at what he does and goes above and beyond each visit. I drive approx 2 hour round trip to see them and don’t think twice as PWC is the best. I highly recommend visiting PWC
Jeremy SewellJeremy Sewell
21:47 14 Nov 23
Been a patient of this clinic for many years. Only clinic that actually solved my pain and has helped me prevent it. Huge thanks to this clinic.
Celeste BudgellCeleste Budgell
15:07 25 Aug 23
I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this business to others who are in need of support through their journey. The staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful and they all took so much time to try all options to specify their care for me and adjust anything needed. They listened, they appreciated my story, they understood what I needed and they delivered what they could that was within their control. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the tools that I now have that i can use positively moving forward in my daily life.You all mean a lot to me and and I thank you for being a part of my journey!
Aleisha PannozzoAleisha Pannozzo
00:33 25 Aug 23
Attending the IDP program at the PWC was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. My car accident left me suffering from so much trauma and pain— leaving me uncertain about how to navigate my recovery. A year later, I stumbled upon the PWC, and I'm incredibly grateful that I did.The program lasted 3-4 months, and I saw five different practitioners. Each practitioner played a role in healing my physical and emotional pain. I learned how to look at pain through the lens of mindfulness and compassion.The two most important components of this program—in my opinion— are the mindfulness and physical therapy sessions. They both taught me that pain isn’t necessarily bad and that the way you perceive it greatly influences how your body reacts to it. I learned the difference between 'hurt' and 'harm'. The pain that I was experiencing was real, but it wasn't due to lasting damage. My nervous system was so hypersensitive that the alarms continued to ring even when nothing was wrong.The mindfulness sessions have been instrumental in guiding me to center my attention on the present moment. It taught me to shift my perspective regarding my thoughts and emotions, allowing me to simply observe them without passing judgment. This transformative practice has had a profound impact on my life, introducing me to an entirely new way of seeing the world.My chiropractor, who guided the physical therapy sessions with an emphasis on exercises, played a crucial role in motivating me to stay active. Following my car accident, I was apprehensive about engaging in physical activity due to the fear of aggravating my injuries. However, I soon realized that remaining sedentary was exacerbating my pain. With my chiropractor's support, I came to understand that movement was essential for my recovery.My pain lessened dramatically during this program and continues to this day. I practice mindfulness daily, strength train four days a week, and carry a toolbox filled with valuable strategies and techniques I will use for the rest of my life. I used to view my car accident as a terrible event, and while it certainly was, I wouldn't be where I am today without it. It introduced me to these practitioners who encouraged and supported me in my healing journey—and for that, I am profoundly grateful.
Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
16:14 20 Aug 23
I'd like to share my experience at the Pain and Wellness Centre with Nada as my Psychotherapist. She has helped me tremendously build back my confidence after a difficult life circumstance and handled my initial hesitation and fear about therapy with kindness and patience. Thank you Nada and I look forward to our continued work together.
Alba OsornoAlba Osorno
23:47 07 Aug 23
I went to PWC with no expectations about getting better about my chronic back pain, because I went to two different pain clinics before and I didn’t see any improvement. I started a physiotherapy with Dr Alex Mailis and massage with Anthy Phillippou, they are really nice and so professional, I feel a lot better today. I don’t have to take the pain killers I used to take beforeI am very grateful for what they did for me. Truly made a difference in my life
Toni AToni A
16:46 01 Aug 23
I want to share some of my experiences at the Pain and Wellness Center in Maple. I have used many of there services and they are all amazing . I attend Psychotherapy 0n a regular basis with Nada Elfeki my therapist who has completely change me and my life. She has taught me how I can change things that I struggle with on a daily basis or things that just pop up . She has armed me with a toolbox with ways that I can overcome my struggles . She does this with kindness, understating and positivity always encouraging me . At the end of out meeting I leave with the feeling of wanting to strive to overcome my issues and wanting to become a better version of myself . Thank you Nada for all you do . We all struggle with mental health at one time in our life and I strongly recommend to seek help at the center with Nada. Thanks again staff and Doctors at the Pain and Wellness Center .


Whether you are looking to reduce pain, improve function or live optimally, our dynamic team of trained professionals are here to help.

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