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Vaughan's Leading Injury Recovery and Wellness Clinic

The Pain and Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Angela Mailis in September of 2014. Located in Vaughan Ontario, we are a hand selected group of evidence-based health care providers who aim to treat pain and restore wellness.

We use a comprehensive, whole-person approach to assess, diagnose, and manage patients by offering a variety of high-quality services. We bridge eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence-based treatments all under one roof.

Our team believes the Mind and Body are intimately connected and need to be addressed when dealing with pain.

Our aim at the Pain and Wellness Centre is to help you achieve better health by providing effective evidence-based holistic treatments that address both the body and mind.

Our Approach


Our centre provides patient care that is second to none. Patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly nurtured by our attentive team. When you are at the Pain and Wellness Centre, you are not treated like a number.

Customized Treatment

We offer personalized and customized care based on your unique needs. Let’s face it, your needs and your body are like no other so your treatment plan should be tailored to you. No one-size fits all approach exists here.

Sustainable Results

We are all about educating our patients and giving them the tools and techniques to sustain their results. We want to empower our patients to be in the drivers seat and equip them with resources that will create lasting, sustainable results.

Our Services

"Treat Pain, Preserve Wellness"

Celeste BudgellCeleste Budgell
15:07 25 Aug 23
I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this business to others who are in need of support through their journey. The staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful and they all took so much time to try all options to specify their care for me and adjust anything needed. They listened, they appreciated my story, they understood what I needed and they delivered what they could that was within their control. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the tools that I now have that i can use positively moving forward in my daily life.You all mean a lot to me and and I thank you for being a part of my journey!
Aleisha PannozzoAleisha Pannozzo
00:33 25 Aug 23
Attending the IDP program at the PWC was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. My car accident left me suffering from so much trauma and pain— leaving me uncertain about how to navigate my recovery. A year later, I stumbled upon the PWC, and I'm incredibly grateful that I did.The program lasted 3-4 months, and I saw five different practitioners. Each practitioner played a role in healing my physical and emotional pain. I learned how to look at pain through the lens of mindfulness and compassion.The two most important components of this program—in my opinion— are the mindfulness and physical therapy sessions. They both taught me that pain isn’t necessarily bad and that the way you perceive it greatly influences how your body reacts to it. I learned the difference between 'hurt' and 'harm'. The pain that I was experiencing was real, but it wasn't due to lasting damage. My nervous system was so hypersensitive that the alarms continued to ring even when nothing was wrong.The mindfulness sessions have been instrumental in guiding me to center my attention on the present moment. It taught me to shift my perspective regarding my thoughts and emotions, allowing me to simply observe them without passing judgment. This transformative practice has had a profound impact on my life, introducing me to an entirely new way of seeing the world.My chiropractor, who guided the physical therapy sessions with an emphasis on exercises, played a crucial role in motivating me to stay active. Following my car accident, I was apprehensive about engaging in physical activity due to the fear of aggravating my injuries. However, I soon realized that remaining sedentary was exacerbating my pain. With my chiropractor's support, I came to understand that movement was essential for my recovery.My pain lessened dramatically during this program and continues to this day. I practice mindfulness daily, strength train four days a week, and carry a toolbox filled with valuable strategies and techniques I will use for the rest of my life. I used to view my car accident as a terrible event, and while it certainly was, I wouldn't be where I am today without it. It introduced me to these practitioners who encouraged and supported me in my healing journey—and for that, I am profoundly grateful.
Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
16:14 20 Aug 23
I'd like to share my experience at the Pain and Wellness Centre with Nada as my Psychotherapist. She has helped me tremendously build back my confidence after a difficult life circumstance and handled my initial hesitation and fear about therapy with kindness and patience. Thank you Nada and I look forward to our continued work together.
Alba OsornoAlba Osorno
23:47 07 Aug 23
I went to PWC with no expectations about getting better about my chronic back pain, because I went to two different pain clinics before and I didn’t see any improvement. I started a physiotherapy with Dr Alex Mailis and massage with Anthy Phillippou, they are really nice and so professional, I feel a lot better today. I don’t have to take the pain killers I used to take beforeI am very grateful for what they did for me. Truly made a difference in my life
Toni AToni A
16:46 01 Aug 23
I want to share some of my experiences at the Pain and Wellness Center in Maple. I have used many of there services and they are all amazing . I attend Psychotherapy 0n a regular basis with Nada Elfeki my therapist who has completely change me and my life. She has taught me how I can change things that I struggle with on a daily basis or things that just pop up . She has armed me with a toolbox with ways that I can overcome my struggles . She does this with kindness, understating and positivity always encouraging me . At the end of out meeting I leave with the feeling of wanting to strive to overcome my issues and wanting to become a better version of myself . Thank you Nada for all you do . We all struggle with mental health at one time in our life and I strongly recommend to seek help at the center with Nada. Thanks again staff and Doctors at the Pain and Wellness Center .
Shawn IvShawn Iv
03:05 31 Jul 23
Finally found a place that is an all in one. I’ve had annoying neck and back pain from sports and work, all have been treated successfully at the PWC.I go to Anthi for massages and I refuse to see any other masseuses, she’s amazing. After each massage I feel like I’m floating, my body is so at ease.I also see Sean and Naomi for chiro, both are super friendly, knowledgeable and they have my full confidence and trust. After each appointment I leave feeling like I have a new neck and back with zero pain. They are also honest about how many appointments are actually needed in order to get healthier.
Fauzia NasirFauzia Nasir
18:11 27 Jul 23
I was referred by my family doctor to this clinic. At first, I was a bit scared to start the program but then I did because I wanted to try everything for my chronic pain, fibromyalgia and digestive issues.Once started, it was quite overwhelming, it took me a few weeks to get the hang of it. Then, slowly I was able to incorporate what I was learning, in my daily life.At the completion of this program, I feel more positive and confident about managing my life with chronic pain with the tools I have learned here. I am definitely more energetic and active than before. And I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for other ways other than just medications to manage and control their acute or chronic pain.The staff, the therapists everyone is super super warm and welcoming. I never had any issues rescheduling or canceling my appointments when it was inevitable. All the therapists worked with me as if I was their only patient. They were available in between appointments to answer any questions over email. I feel blessed to have this opportunity.Thankyou everyone at the Centre. God bless you all!!
Anastasia VasylkovaAnastasia Vasylkova
18:19 25 Jul 23
I am extremely grateful for the Pain Management Clinic and their team of professionals who have been helping me on my journey to manage my pain. The doctor, chiropractor, and massage therapist have been incredibly attentive and caring throughout the process.Their comprehensive approach, combining medical expertise, chiropractic adjustments, and therapeutic massage, has made a significant difference in my life. Not only did they address the immediate concerns, but they also took the time to teach me simple exercises and techniques to maintain and improve my back health.Thanks to their well-designed program and personalized care, my back condition has significantly improved, and the constant nagging pain that used to trouble me has diminished. I am now able to enjoy a better quality of life and engage in activities I thought were impossible before.I can't thank the Pain Management Clinic enough for their dedication, professionalism, and genuine concern for my well-being. They have truly made a positive impact on my life, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking effective pain management and a holistic approach to wellness.
Sandra IsrailovSandra Israilov
14:45 25 Jul 23
My appointments at the Pain and Wellness Centre have been great experiences. From the staff and their professionalism, to the cleanliness of the centre and its environment.. I always leave my appointments with greater appreciation for the Centre. Thank you to the wonderful Pain and Wellness staff!!
Laura SanzoLaura Sanzo
14:55 15 Jul 23
My daughter had an appointment there yesterday with a therapist. The therapist was late because I saw them walking towards the building and it was already a minute into my daughter's appointment. Then my daughter came to the car and it was approximately 45 minutes to the hour and that is being generous because it was not quite 45 minutes to the hour yet. Which means I was billed for an hour rate but my daughter at best received a 40 minute session. You would think as a professional if you are late to your own session you would take the full hour. We are an Autism family and have been in various therapies for over a decade and I have never seen such unprofessionalism. Needless to see we will be finding another practice that strives on over delivering.
sean oliversean oliver
14:42 22 Jun 23
The Pain and Wellness Center simply put is absolutely amazing. This review cannot do it the justice it deserves.The doctors and staff are understanding, compassionate, friendly, extremely professional and accommodating to your schedule. This place has all the essentials tools to deal with pain and pain management.Dr. Alex Malis has taken the chiropractor experience to another level. He cares about his patients and it shows. He works with you and personally follows up to ensure you are managing.My absolute favourite thing about this place although there are many to chose from Neuropathic, Psychotherapy, Massage, Mediation, Life coaching is the way they make you feel when you walk into that place its like you are the only person that matters.This has been a life changing in the best possible way. Louisa Malis is connoisseur of her craft. Meditation with her is blissful.They will provide you with the tools to navigate your life after treatment.I can go on on but you have to experience it yourself.I highly recommend this place.
Shyla HoffmanShyla Hoffman
17:52 09 Jun 23
Review by AnnetteI came across the clinic through a referral from my GP who was raving about the reviews he had heard from his clients.First I must say that I’m a 10 year breast cancer survivor and although I beat cancer I’ve been battling chronic pain since my diagnosis in 2013. My first introduction to the clinic was a meeting with the chiropractor, Dr. Kupferstein who I fondly address as Naomi and Dr. Ainsley Kempenaar. Dr. Ainsley who together with Dr. Kupferstein took a special interest in my case. And after a lengthy assessment the doctors introduced me to the knowledgeable and acclaimed clinic director Dr. Angela Mailis who has made it her lifelong passion to use her expertise in building a team of professionals who strategically and collectively manage people’s pain.Once on-boarded I was enrolled in a life changing wellness program. I’ve been doing the program for just under 2 months now and I don’t have enough thank you’s to this amazing team!My mind and wellness is in the hands of Dr. Karen Spivak who has been instrumental in helping me change my mindset and set healthy goals. I look forward to every session with her.Then there’s Rhoda who through massage therapy and her special unique spiritual healing coupled with great conversation she has a way of making me walk out feeling extremely relaxed.Then there’s Dr. Alex Daghelian who through naturopathic medicine has nurtured me with her guidance on the appropriate supplements in conjunction with my current medications. She has helped me tremendously.Then there is the incredible mindfulness program with the amazing Louisa Mailis who through incredible knowledge, breathing techniques and meditation has guided a group of the clinics clients to teach us lifelong coping mechanisms.Last but not least, I can’t say enough about my weekly visits with Dr. Naomi Kupferstein who has taken me under her wing and gives me extraordinary therapy. Whether it’s going for nature walks weather permitting, teaching me stretching in the on premise gym, or targeted acupuncture to treat my chronic sciatic nerve pain, I’m always walking out better and happier.And finally not to discount the incredible front desk staff who go above and beyond reception. With a special shout out to Judith and Mahethan who greet me with warmth and make me feel welcomed every time I walk through the door. And none of this would come together without Jordan Robinson, who puts together the entire schedule and who’s so exceptional at the on-boarding process. To the rest of the doctors and the staff that have not treated me personally thank you for always having a sunny disposition whenever I’m at the clinic.I wrote this review so I can reward and praise the entire team that I’ve been so blessed to encounter!! I hope this gives all of you a sweet taste of my gratitude.Highly Highly Recommend!!Best regards,Annette
Mathew HansMathew Hans
20:06 31 May 23
My family doctor referred me to this clinic because I'm suffering from lower back pain. The staff were very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Naomi helped me with my pain and recommendions. She was very patient, attentive, experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor! Not to mention, Dr. Angela was nice and kind and she recommended some options for my treatment journey. This clinic is highly recommended
Val PetVal Pet
14:59 19 Apr 23
The holistic approach of this program is unlike any other. From front line staff to medical staff, it's very evident that they all very experience and most importantly they truly care! I was dealing with a lot of back and shoulder pain, the holistic approach helped me both physically and mentally. Although I completed the program, I continue as a patient using many of the services. This is truly an amazing team! Thank you!


Whether you are looking to reduce pain, improve function or live optimally, our dynamic team of trained professionals are here to help.

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