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The Pain and Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Angela Mailis in September of 2014. Located in Vaughan Ontario, we are a hand selected group of evidence-based health care providers who aim to treat pain and restore wellness.

We use a comprehensive, whole-person approach to assess, diagnose, and manage patients by offering a variety of high-quality services. We bridge eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence-based treatments all under one roof.

Our team believes the Mind and Body are intimately connected and need to be addressed when dealing with pain.

Our aim at the Pain and Wellness Centre is to help you achieve better health by providing effective evidence-based holistic treatments that address both the body and mind.

Our Approach


Our centre provides patient care that is second to none. Patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly nurtured by our attentive team. When you are at the Pain and Wellness Centre, you are not treated like a number.

Customized Treatment

We offer personalized and customized care based on your unique needs. Let’s face it, your needs and your body are like no other so your treatment plan should be tailored to you. No one-size fits all approach exists here.

Sustainable Results

We are all about educating our patients and giving them the tools and techniques to sustain their results. We want to empower our patients to be in the drivers seat and equip them with resources that will create lasting, sustainable results.

Our Services

"Treat Pain, Preserve Wellness"

Julia JensenJulia Jensen
21:45 23 Feb 24
I am compelled to share my utmost appreciation for the exceptional care and support provided by the entire team at the Pain and Wellness Clinic. From the moment we walked through the door, we were greeted by a reception team that exemplified reliability, courtesy, and promptness.I cannot thank Dr. Angela Mailis enough for creating a life-changing clinic like no other.Dr. Alex Mailis (chiropractor) and Nada Elfeki's (psychotherapist) expertise and dedication were instrumental in my son Justin's recovery from a back injury. Dr. Alex's physical rehabilitation treatments, tailored to address my son's specific needs, resulted in significant improvements in mobility and pain management.I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding care my son received (and still does ) from Dr. Alex. My son suffered from a debilitating back injury, and Alex played a pivotal role in his recovery journey.Under Alex's guidance, my son experienced significant improvement in his mobility and pain management. Not only did Alex provide effective therapeutic interventions, but he also offered valuable advice on preventive measures and lifestyle modifications to prevent future injuries.The impact of Alex's expertise extends beyond physical rehabilitation; he genuinely cares about my son's overall well-being, offering encouragement and emotional support every step of the way. His holistic approach to wellness ensured that my son not only regained his strength but also regained his confidence and optimism for the future.Nada's psychological treatment complemented Alex's approach perfectly, providing invaluable support as my son navigated the emotional challenges of his recovery.Together, the collaborative efforts of Alex, Nada, and the Pain & Wellness Team (also Louisa Mailis and Dr. Alex Daghelian) created a holistic and nurturing environment where my son felt empowered to actively participate in his healing journey. Their combined expertise, compassion, and professionalism exceeded our expectations, and I am profoundly grateful for the positive impact they have had on my son's well-being.I wholeheartedly recommend the Pain and Wellness Clinic to anyone seeking comprehensive care and support for themselves or their loved ones. The exceptional team at the clinic truly goes above and beyond to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care in a welcoming and supportive setting. We will be forever grateful!Thank You!Julia Jensen
mary viscontimary visconti
20:23 22 Feb 24
Great experience every time I go. Saw Rhoda. She does amazing work.
Linzi KozmikLinzi Kozmik
17:10 22 Feb 24
Absolutely life-changing experience at the pain clinic! Their holistic approach truly addresses body, mind, and soul. I've never felt better physically, emotionally, and mentally. The staff at the clinic truly does everything with passion and from the heart with their work! I am beyond grateful for having this clinic come into my life and how much it’s helped me from the inside-out! My body is happy again and I owe it all to the Pain & Wellness Clinic! Thank you so much for changing my life!!
Gus BotrieGus Botrie
22:11 14 Feb 24
I arrived at the clinic not my very hopeful that they could help me with my pain but I agreed to enrol in their 3 month program. The program turned out to be very beneficial for me. They taught me a lot about the importance of wellness and mindfulness. They give you the tools to understand and deal with the pain in a holistic way.My pain persists but it is much better now. The doctors and staff are truly amazing caring people ! !
Boris IBoris I
04:15 14 Feb 24
I saw Dr. Angela Mailis and Dr. Sean Sutton for my knee pain. Thank you for being helpful, respectful and honest. My knee pain has gotten better. Cannot recommend this place enough
Ariel IphraimovAriel Iphraimov
20:58 12 Feb 24
They took care of my back pain very effectively. I’m grateful for the staff. Demitry and Sonia was so kind and assistive!! Thanks guys for your work
Lada ALada A
18:50 10 Feb 24
I came to the clinic broken both emotionally and physically. I needed help badly. To my surprise I was approved by Dr. Mailis to join their clinic and began my journey to rehabilitation of body and soul. All the caring, passion to help you and the belief in you succeeding, propels you to achieve better results in managing your pain, learning what to do, nurturing yourself and changing your thoughts to break the cycle of pain. They are all truly a caring family who is there for you during your treatment and beyond. Dr Mailis employs awesome professionals who join your journey to health. They provide everything under one roof CHIRO, massage therapy, counseling, naturopathy and NUTRITION.Highly recommend this hidden gem for anyone trying to learn to manage their physical pain and get back to livelihood. Every failure is another step forward toward success. Start walking and find yourself at the The Pain and Wellness Clinic.Truely blessed,With GratitudeLada A
Mi TaMi Ta
23:05 08 Feb 24
I went to this center with mild to medium pain in my lower leg and I am completely disabled now. On the first assessment, I had an appointment with Dr. Milas's assistant for hours. However, on the day of my actual appointment, it was another gentleman who was supposed to take care of me. Interestingly all of a sudden they remembered he was leaving for paternity leave. Even though I didn't like that It wasn't important. I didn't see Dr Milas but it was the assistant who was supposed to help me. After 3 appointments my condition from bad changed to worse to the point that I was disabled from working with severe back and leg pain. I had to leave work and stay at home but in the meantime, I received no help and compassion from them. Dr Milas barely saw me and just talked to me on the phone. She was insisting on going to the procedure that I didn't want. since I didn't accept her offer they didn't do any follow-up with me. I called them over and over but they didn't do anything for me. she just called and start shouting that I either should do the injection or she can not do anything for me. whenever I called they said I should wait for my MRI result and Nerve test. My nerve test is done after 6 months and they still didn't do the follow up. she just put me on heavy medication which affected on my body. I am in pain and disabled to work for 7 months after going to this center. They didn't help just my pain gets worse.
Diane CDiane C
02:54 08 Feb 24
My experience at the Pain and Wellness Centre was exceptional. Dr. Paul Hrkal's naturopathic treatment exceeded my expectations. The front staff, Sonia and Mahethan, were incredibly welcoming, kind, and professional! I highly recommend this center for anyone seeking personalized care and a friendly atmosphere!
Chris JoschChris Josch
19:06 06 Feb 24
I wish there were more stars to rate them. The way they approach your continued successes How they are with you thru your ups and downs. Their constant reminders for your self improvement. All I can say is I am very Thankful I was able to be part of there IDP and get back to life. Wish there were more places that took health and wellness like they do. To all the staff Thank you and continued successes in the future
Lina F.Lina F.
23:09 05 Feb 24
Sean is exceptional. After treatments from others, and never feeling better afterwards, it was only Sean that understood my issue, took time to pinpoint the problem and offered options on how to treat it. I finally feel better the next day after treatment. He takes his time, listens and most importantly spends the whole appointment with me--he does not leave the room to work on someone else at the same time. The clinic offers many different services and I can easily book my appointment online. I'm extremely happy to find this team!
Rina PuglieseRina Pugliese
20:12 04 Feb 24
Dr. Demetry is great! He worked with my 12 year old son and was able to help him with his pain as well as connect with him and build a great rapport. My son always looked forward to his visits. I recommend Dr. Demetry and the Pain & Wellness Centre as the staff are also always patient and courteous as well.
Vanessa LVanessa L
19:40 28 Jan 24
Visited Doctor Alex D and she is AMAZING! she was so helpful and empathetic to my problems.
Kristen EvansKristen Evans
22:13 25 Jan 24
Dr. Demetry is friendly, compassionate, an excellent listener and a miracle worker helping with chronic pain issues arising from a variety of conditions. Highly recommend!


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