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Vaughan's Leading Injury Recovery and Wellness Clinic

The Pain and Wellness Centre was founded by Dr. Angela Mailis in September of 2014. Located in Vaughan Ontario, we are a hand selected group of evidence-based health care providers who aim to treat pain and restore wellness.

We use a comprehensive, whole-person approach to assess, diagnose, and manage patients by offering a variety of high-quality services. We bridge eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence-based treatments all under one roof.

Our team believes the Mind and Body are intimately connected and need to be addressed when dealing with pain.

Our aim at the Pain and Wellness Centre is to help you achieve better health by providing effective evidence-based holistic treatments that address both the body and mind.

Our Approach


Our centre provides patient care that is second to none. Patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and truly nurtured by our attentive team. When you are at the Pain and Wellness Centre, you are not treated like a number.

Customized Treatment

We offer personalized and customized care based on your unique needs. Let’s face it, your needs and your body are like no other so your treatment plan should be tailored to you. No one-size fits all approach exists here.

Sustainable Results

We are all about educating our patients and giving them the tools and techniques to sustain their results. We want to empower our patients to be in the drivers seat and equip them with resources that will create lasting, sustainable results.

Our Services

"Treat Pain, Preserve Wellness"

Darlene BrewerDarlene Brewer
21:17 13 Mar 23
I have been seeing Anthi for a number of years due to issues with my back and she is amazing!! She takes the time to find out what is hurting and then gets to work on the area(s). She has magic hands as I leave feeling so much better than when I first arrived.I have bounced around for many years trying to find a massage therapist who was truly good at what they do and help me deal with my issues - my search was finally over after my family doctor referred me to Anthi.If you haven’t book an appointment yet, I would highly recommend doing so - you won’t be disappointed. She is amazing!!
Lisa HooperLisa Hooper
00:40 11 Mar 23
I cannot begin to say enough positive things about this fantastic multi-disciplinary pain clinic, Dr. Angela Mailis and all her professional staff! I would not be at the physical level or have the quality of life I do without their expertise, dedication to client service, specialized treatments, encouragement, professionalism and compassion. They all worked collaboratively to give me a quality of care second to none and took the time to listen. I recommend this team of professionals to anyone seeking optimal care/recovery. Thank you for all you do and have done for me!
Manuela TesiManuela Tesi
15:41 02 Feb 23
I am so grateful for the staff at the Pain & Wellness Clinic. I was broken both mentally and physically. The staff provided me a safe, engaging and positive place to heal. After their program I learned how to better manage my pain and they gave me the tools to handle the most challenging scenarios in a more positive manner. I love my transformation and I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to heal with such an amazing group of people.
Samantha KatzmanSamantha Katzman
01:26 24 Nov 22
There are no words to describe the scope of my gratitude for this clinic. Before I came to see them I was lost for years in a world of pain, with no hope left. I had seen countless doctors who didn’t care enough to help let alone believe that what I was feeling was real. I tried everything. Seriously. I flew to Peru to see a shaman. Didn’t work.I came into the clinic expecting absolutely nothing and I’ll never forget the moment Dr Mailis hugged me and said that this is the place people come when every other doctor failed them, and no matter what she wouldn’t fail me.I’ve been pain free for the last five years. I owe my life to this clinic. I will never forget what they did for me. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do!
Savy PirroccoSavy Pirrocco
23:35 23 Oct 22
I came to the Pain and Wellness Centre to understand and figure out what was wrong with my lower back. I was given the time to explain my problem by Dr. Gordon and Dr. Alex. They reassured me that my back pain was nothing serious and I would improve if I continued doing my exercises and recommended a few sessions with Dr. Alex. I worked with Dr. Alex for 4 sessions, and he helped me understand what would help my back when it was in pain and provided me with great exercises that would help and what to avoid. He made me aware that both the physical and equally important the state of mind, are all powerful tools used in the approach to the healing process. This gave me extreme clarity on how to handle my situation and it worked very well for me. He really believed that I would improve, and I truly enjoyed our time together.


Whether you are looking to reduce pain, improve function or live optimally, our dynamic team of trained professionals are here to help.

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