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PWC Success Stories: Nagging Pain Can Become Chronic If Left Unchecked

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A 68 year old housewife comes to see us in October for severe right hip pain since February. She has hard time walking around and finds it very hard to climb stairs. She has been treated in a local physiotherapy facility but she has not been helped. She tells us she needs a cortisone injection in her hip as she is diagnosed with “bursitis”. She is anxious to get better as she will travel for holidays planned long ago, in mid-November. After a full examination both by myself and one of my chiropractors, we ask her to allow the therapist to work with her for a different form of therapy and we promised her that if she does not improve in 2 weeks, we will inject her hip. By the second treatment, she was able to walk in the Eaton centre for hours of shopping without pain.


Even simple problems as in the case of bursitis, can become chronic and disabling if the patient does not receive appropriate medical and physical management.

Written by: Dr. Angela Mailis

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