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PWC Success Stories: Multi-Step Therapy


A 46-year-old businessman was involved in a multi-vehicle accident and experienced immediate nausea, dizziness, headache and disorientation. When he sees us 3 weeks after the injury, he is unable to drive and continues to complain of significant post-concussion symptoms and post-traumatic headaches. After our medical and manual therapy assessment, he decides to come back to our centre for manual therapy and medical acupuncture as well as proper nutritional guidance from our naturopathic doctor, with quick and substantial improvement, while he manages to return to work full time.


Proper manual and other physical therapy can assist recovery from a concussion, as many of the symptoms are due to dysfunction of the neck structures.

  • Pain must be treated early to prevent it from becoming chronic.
  • Proper pain management requires the close collaboration of many health care professionals, including pain doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, manual therapists, nutritional experts, mindfullness facilitators and others.
  • A holistic approach to pain management must address simultaneously the physical, emotional and mental aspects of pain.
  • Empowering the patient to self-manage aspects of his or her pain together with health providers, guarantees a much higher level of success.

Written by: Dr. Angela Mailis, Chronic Pain