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Quinton Nurse ‐
Naturopathic Medicine Graduate

Quinton is a compassionate and dedicated Naturopathic Medical Graduate, driven to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients. Bringing a strong educational background, he graduated from a 4-year accredited program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, following the completion of his 5-year Honours Bachelors of Science degree in Human Kinetics with a Minor in Nutrition at the University of Guelph.  

Quinton’s areas of expertise and passion lie in improving metabolic health, weight management, pain, cognition and energy, sports performance, hormonal balance, and gut health. At the Pain and Wellness Centre, he works in collaboration with the esteemed Dr. Paul Hrkal (ND) and strives to provide comprehensive care tailored to each individual’s unique goals and needs. 

Quinton has extensive experience providing health education to at risk and marginalized groups in the community. He also has a track record working one on one with a wide array of patients, many just starting their health journeys and many others competing as Professional athletes. Through natural methods, Quinton aims to empower individuals to retake control of their well-being and realize their potential.


At the Pain and Wellness Centre, we perform a comprehensive assessment to determine a patient’s primary source of pain through a bio-psycho-social approach (physical, emotional, environmental) that contribute to the pain experience. Only then, we can devise an appropriate treatment plan to address your specific condition.

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