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Nada Elfeki
MSc, MEd Registered Psychotherapist


Nada Elfeki is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Nada received a Master of Science degree from McMaster University in Neurobehavioral Sciences with a focus on Neurodegenerative disorders. She worked for 4 years in the field of Medical Research at a primary care setting with a focus on Traumatic Brain Injury. Motivated by the desire to work closely with individuals who have sustained an injury and help them better cope, she later obtained a Master of Education degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Toronto and completed her training at Women’s College Hospital. Nada has experience in individual and group therapy and has worked with a wide range of presenting concerns such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, interpersonal difficulties, trauma, body image, insomnia and difficulty adjusting to new circumstances as well as crisis counselling. Nada believes that these challenges become more complex in a diverse and multicultural city where cultural values play a big part in decisions individuals make, creating a need for a counselling service that is culturally informed. As such, her practice aims at empowering clients by giving them the necessary tools to address their changing circumstances within their specific cultural framework and their individual experience of it.

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The Pain & Wellness Centre opened its doors in September 2014. It is a patient-centred, interdisciplinary specialist medical pain clinic that aims to treat pain and preserve wellness. It is comprehensive, uses a whole-person approach, and offers choices regarding treatments that range from Psychotherapy to Chiropractic, RMT Massage and more. It bridges eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence based treatments, and offers multiple programs and services under one roof.

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