Understanding Payments for our Services

All our medical consultations are covered by Ontario’s public health care system (OHIP). However, a valid OHIP card is needed. If you do not have one, or if you are out of the country and you have no insurance, either you will not be seen or you will be asked in advance to pay in the front desk at rates suggested by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA).

Certain services (such as renewal of prescriptions, employment/ insurance forms, missed appointments etc.) are not covered by OHIP (see What We Offer > Services Not Covered By OHIP). You are personally responsible for these services.

All other non-medical assessment and treatment services in the Pain & Wellness Centre are paid by a) Extended Health Benefits, b) third parties (such as car insurance, Blue Cross, WSIB, etc), or c) cash (by Visa or Debit card).