Chronic Pain assessment, diagnosis and multimodal management

All patients are thoroughly assessed by pain clinicians and offered a spectrum of treatments available for their condition ranging from medications to exercise therapy, manual therapy, naturopathic treatments, healthy eating and lifestyle counseling, psychological counselling, mindfulness and meditation, and interventional therapies (injections and consultation with surgeons both in affiliated institutions).


Concussion clinic (Traumatic Brain Injury –TBI- clinic)

The Pain and Wellness Centre has partnered with Complete Concussion Management ™ (a multidisciplinary network of physicians, therapists and neuropsychologists offering concussion care to athletes and non-athletes of all ages). We provide cutting edge baseline concussion testing and research-based “Return-to-Learn” and “Return-to-Play” protocols, designed to work in conjunction with each athlete’s school, teachers, parents, trainers, coaches, and family doctors. We are proud to have a fully equipped and state of the art rehabilitation and training studio that allows us to assess small groups of athletes or teams. Many of our healthcare professionals are experienced strength coaches and work with sports teams and organizations around the Greater Toronto Area. Our Centre will offer the following services to local teams and groups of athletes:

  •  Functional Movement Screening (FMS™)
  • Pre-Seasons and Mid-Season Sport Specific Performance Testing
  • Concussion Baseline Testing (CCM™)
  • Team Conditioning and Training Programs
  • Injury Prevention Lectures
  • Neuro-recovery nutrition program

Our multidisciplinary experts also treat patients with concussions from work-related or car accidents and slip and falls, as well as athletes and non-athletes with Post-Concussion symptoms and unusually prolonged recovery time.


Early referral program for MVA-related injuries

Patients involved in a car accident are seen quickly to determine whether they have uncomplicated soft tissue injuries or have sustained more serious conditions. Subsequently, a goal oriented multidisciplinary program under medical supervision is applied in order to return them to their previous state of health and function both at home and work.


Sports and Injury Rehabilitation

Our experienced manual therapists can quickly address a variety of sport and non-sport injuries to the musculoskeletal system with a comprehensive action plan geared towards restoring total body function and performance while maintaining optimal wellness. Therapeutic services that are available at The Pain and Wellness Centre include: Active Release Technique®;  Medical acupuncture/ Dry needling; Shockwave therapy; Chiropractic Care; Graston technique; Functional Movement Assessment; Strength training and Corrective rehabilitation; Massage therapy; vitamin injection and infusion therapy and more.


Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders Clinic

Many people are not aware that they are experiencing TMJ dysfunction because several of the tissues around the jaw can refer pain to other areas of the head and neck, simulating a headache or neck pain syndrome. Our healthcare professionals will conduct a full comprehensive evaluation of the temporomandibular joint and cervical spine function to help determine an appropriate treatment path. TMJ disorders respond extremely well to conservative manual therapeutic approaches such as medical acupuncture or dry needling, Active Release Techniques®, and home exercises.


Cancer-related complications

Toxic effects of chemotherapy on nerves are addressed with nutritional supplementation and infusion therapies to prevent occurrence of “chemotherapy-induced neuropathies”. Lymphatic edema due to poor lymphatic drainage responds well to “lymphatic drainage” by our specialized LMT massage therapist, as part of lymphedema care. Post-cancer pain syndromes are diagnosed and treated by our pain specialists and by our therapists.


Psychological/ psychiatric/ behavioural management

Our specialists offer a multiplicity of cognitive and emotional approaches to compliment physical pain treatments such as pharmacotherapy; individual counseling; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); and mindfulness and meditation for chronic pain management and stress reduction.


Naturopathic Medicine

Our expert naturopathic doctor addresses injuries (acute and chronic) as well as concussions with: Functional Nutrition assessment (clinical consult, lab testing where necessary); Reduction of systemic inflammation with oral botanical and enzymatic supplementation; Infusion therapies designed for different types of pain/inflammation (including management of cancer chemotherapy-induced complications); Health Foundations examination addressing integrity of the digestive system in order to absorb nutrients; and Assessment of food allergy/sensitivity contributing to physical and mental disorders.


Electrodiagnosis Clinic

In some cases, it is very important to determine whether pain is due to some form of damage to the nerves of the arms or the legs in order to provide proper treatment . Such Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies are done by a physician, who uses specialized equipment to help us with the diagnosis.


Medicolegal assessments

All our specialist physicians and other practitioners are experienced medicolegal experts in cases of personal injuries or traumas, have seen many hundreds of patients/clients, and have testified in court on numerous occasions.