Our General Privacy Policy (Updated August 2014)

Pain & Wellness Centre Privacy Policy


This document is made under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


We collect personal information on all individuals receiving health or disability-related treatment or assessments. Each health professional determines the required information collected consistent with their College regulations and guidelines as well as best practices.


Personal information provided on a voluntary basis is used only for functions associated with the Pain & Wellness Centre in regards to the Health Services we provide.


Information is collected to provide acceptable services; for invoicing clients including third parties; to communicate with patients, clients or third parties; to perform file reviews; to communicate with other health care consultants/providers/ assessors; to meet professional standards and College regulations; to be available to external regulators; and to carry out quality improvement activities.


We reserve the right to involve a collection agent when payment is not received in a timely manner.


Information may be collected to determine whether or not treatment will be provided and not necessarily to provide treatment.


Information is collected after implied consent, verbal consent, or written consent: a) Information may be collected without the above when it is deemed in the interest of the person, e.g. emergency situation; b) Information may be collected without the above when there are overarching legal issues, e.g safety to the person or serious professional misconduct.


We clearly explain the nature and purpose of the assessment/treatment, including the referral source and to whom the information will be communicated.


Implied, verbal, or written consent is obtained in order to communicate information regarding an individual seen.


We restrict access to personal information as much as is reasonably possible. Access to information is governed by respective professional College regulations.


Paper information is either under supervision or secured in a locked or restricted area.


All efforts are made to keep personal information under lock and key or with personal supervision when transporting files.


Electronic hardware is either under supervision or secured in a locked or restricted area at all times. In addition, passwords are used on computers.


Paper information is transmitted through sealed, addressed envelopes or boxes by reputable companies.


All electronic information is transmitted using encrypted protocols.


Staff are trained to collect, use, and disclose personal information only as necessary to fulfill their duties and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


We destroy identifying papers containing personal information by utilizing a secure third party shredding service.


We destroy electronic information by securely deleting it.


When hardware is discarded, we ensure that the hard drive is destroyed or reformatted.


External consultants, 3rd party agents, and all staff members with access to personal information must enter into privacy agreements with us.


You have the right to know what information has been gathered in your personal record. However, it is always best to receive verbal feedback. Should you insist on reviewing your chart:

{C}·               You must give us your request in writing.

{C}·               We reserve the right to charge a fee for service in providing you with access to your information.

{C}·               If we cannot give you access, we will tell you within 30 days and give the reason why.


We retain patient/client/claimant information for a minimum of 10 years after the last contact.


These policies and procedures have been reviewed by all parties covered who undertake to abide by the principles, policies and procedures contained in this document.


There shall be an Information Officer designated:  The designated Information Officer is  Dr. Karen Spivak.

{C}·      You may contact Mr. Niko Mailis or at the address above.

{C}·      You may make a formal complaint concerning our privacy practices to Dr.  Karen Spivak.

{C}·      Dr Karen Spivak will respond in writing to your complaint within 21 business days and ensure that it is investigated.


{C}·      You will be given a written decision about your complaint within 30 days of responding to your complaint in writing.

{C}·      You may contact the respective professional college if you are not satisfied.