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Failing at Goal setting? Why not try something new!

The new year is still upon us as we enter into the month of February. Many people have set new goals with large intentions to make this new year the best year yet. They start with fire in their bellies, excited and motivated to do something different and positive changes ...
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Simple New Years Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Dr. Paul Hrkal It’s halfway through January and I hope your New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. You may have noticed that the gym is packed and the yoga studio is a tighter squeeze. While I am a big fan of resolving to live a healthier life, I think ...
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How to Conquer Stress and Put the Joy Back in the Holidays

December brings festive parties, fun times with family, favourite traditions… and stress. How much stress? According to a Healthline survey, the combination of joy and pressure that makes up the month of December means that more than 60% of us find the holiday season somewhat to very stressful. Considering the ...
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Festive Temptations: How to avoid weight gain over the holidays

Everyone loves the holidays—the snow, gifts, seeing friends and family, and most of all, the FOOD!  We’ve all allowed ourselves to indulge over the holidays and then figured we’ll deal with any weight gain in the new year, because that’s what new year’s resolutions are for, right?   Unfortunately, very few ...
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The Problem of Chronic Pain in Canada Blog Post - Pain and Wellness Center

The Problem Of Chronic Pain In Canada

Chronic pain of one sort or another affects approximately 1 in 3-4 Canadians. In raw numbers this means 3-4 million people in Ontario alone and 9-12 million people across the nation. Chronis pain is no “small business”. The term “chronic” means pain that is present daily or very often, for ...
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Intravenous Vitamin Therapy for Health Blog Post - Pain and Wellness Center

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy For Health

Vitamins and minerals are the raw materials that allow our cells to function properly. Without them cells would not be able to produce enough energy for normal processes, repair damage and replicate DNA. Ideally we can get these essential nutrients through our diet but often, despite our best efforts we ...
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I Can't Talk But I Can Feel Blog Post - Pain and Wellness Center

I Can’t Talk But I Can Feel

An administrator in the hospital called me on the phone quite distraught. Her father with Alzheimer’s was residing in a nursing home. While he was forgetful, he was quite self sufficient in personal care, pleasant and well interacting with the family who visited often. That is, until he was diagnosed ...
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Is Vitamin D the Missing Link Blog Post - Pain & Wellness Center

Is Vitamin D The Missing Link In Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is one of the most common health concern for which people seek medical treatment. Research suggests that up to 50% of the population may be suffering from some kind of chronic pain, with back pain being the most common.1 There are number of possible causes such as diet, ...
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Long Winding Road to Pain Relief Blog Post - Pain and Wellness Center

Long Winding Road To Pain Relief

Mr. J. an 89 year old gentleman, bright and well educated, saw me 3 years ago, on the desperate plea of his son and daughter. Dad had developed a painful condition in his left lower leg with sharp jabs of knife-like and burning pain and bouts of uncomfortable pins and ...
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Nutrients: When Is Diet Not Enough

We live in a world of calorie dense but nutrient poor foods. Do to over farming and poor agricultural practices many vegetables, fruits and grains have lower amounts of minerals and vitamins then they had in the past. While the trend is moving toward organic and whole food options the ...
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