Our Mindfulness and Meditation program allows patients to have a better understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and emotions impact pain perception. Most chronic pain sufferers also experience accompanying stress, anxiety, emotional fluctuations, and depression. It is important to understand the impact of these feelings and to adopt adaptive, healthy strategies to help manage them. 


Research has revealed that mindful meditation can help with: stress reduction; increased insight; improved sleep; better pain management; empathy; improved immune function; greater motivation. Patients will learn to change the way they perceive pain, how they interact with daily stressors and chronic anxiety, and ultimately collaborate with their bodies to establish peace and wellbeing. This in turn changes the intensity of pain suffering, both emotional and physical, in a very positive way.


louisa mailis, (MA, M-ED, CPC)

Louisa Mailis is certified Professional Life Coach and Mindfulness teacher. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies and a Masters Degree in Humanities from York University. Recognizing her skills as an effective teacher, Louisa obtained a Masters of Education and taught with the Toronto Catholic School Board for 5 years.  Louisa has a certificate degree for Applied Mindfulness and Meditation at the University of Toronto and is also a trained facilitator in  Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM)

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