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Niko Mailis
Business Manager/Medicolegal Affairs

Niko Mailis has been an integral part of the Pain & Wellness Centre team from the inception stage and opening in 2014 to present day. With a passion for science and technology at an early age, he was known to be a voracious consumer of science fiction writing and technology magazines. 

During his high school years, he spent his summers assisting several research projects at the U of T and Toronto Western Hospital. Niko began working in IT during university while studying Psychology at the University of Guelph. 

Upon returning to Toronto, he enthusiastically accepted a job offer with Apple, which began a 7 year journey, touching on all aspects of Apple’s retail business from customer service, sales, logistics, technical repairs and training. With these experiences under his belt, Niko brings a diverse skill set and problem solving abilities to the PWC.

Niko is involved in all aspects of the business, from supporting the administrative team, backend IT support, management of financial/medicolegal affairs and PR. An empathetic communicator with a passion for patient care, Niko is responsible for onboarding our interdisciplinary program candidates while being a supportive resource for patients and providers alike. 

Inspired by his time with Apple, Niko applied these experiences to positively shape all aspects of the PWC. Niko brings a kind, gregarious, and upbeat energy to the PWC team. 


At the Pain and Wellness Centre, we perform a comprehensive assessment to determine a patient’s primary source of pain through a bio-psycho-social approach (physical, emotional, environmental) that contribute to the pain experience. Only then, we can devise an appropriate treatment plan to address your specific condition.