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Fatima Lakha
Consultant, Researcher

S.Fatima Lakha, is engaged at the Pain and Wellness Center as a Research Scientist consultant and is responsible for conducting multiple research projects in collaboration with Dr. Mailis and PWC team members.

As a Pain and Evaluation Research specialist, she studies the relationships between bio-psycho-social burdens associated with chronic pain and their impact on the effectiveness of measurable health-care system outputs. She developed a methodology that linked quantitative demographic and evaluation metrics with qualitative data that could be derived from analyses of chart, survey data, and direct interviews. She is an experienced Clinical and Evaluation Researcher and has worked on projects with different populations (pain patients, older adults, injured workers, immigrants, etc.) using Generative and Evaluative research methods suitable for given contexts and research objectives. She is the author of various papers published in peer reviewed international journals.
Her goal is to generate health system evaluations and evidence with real-world significance for guiding clinical choices within diverse healthcare systems in the face of limited resources. This research is informed by the frameworks of chronic pain, patient-centered-care, global health, inclusive design, and evaluation theory.

She received her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences and Global Health from University of Toronto (UoT) in 2016, MSc in Medical Sciences from UoT, in 2009 and MSc in Food and Nutrition from University of Karachi, Pakistan in 2000.


The Pain & Wellness Centre opened its doors in September 2014. It is a patient-centred, interdisciplinary specialist medical pain clinic that aims to treat pain and preserve wellness. It is comprehensive, uses a whole-person approach, and offers choices regarding treatments that range from Psychotherapy to Chiropractic, RMT Massage and more. It bridges eastern and western medicine, always using best practice guidelines and evidence based treatments, and offers multiple programs and services under one roof.

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