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While we are excited to open our doors, we will be strictly adhering to safety protocols recommended by Health Canada and the governing bodies of our practitioners. Please read this message carefully before you visit the clinic as failure to comply may result in you not being seen by our staff.

Clinic Safety

  • A plexiglass protective barrier has been installed at the reception desk.
  • The reception waiting area has been modified to allow social distancing, there will be no reading material.
  • Windows and fans may be utilized to increase airflow so please dress accordingly.
  • All PWC staff must wash hands before and after appointments and must all wear a mask.
  • All surfaces and tools will be sanitized frequently throughout the day.
  • Fabric pillow cases have been replaced with vinyl; pillow cases will be sanitized after every visit.
  • All transactions must be made in credit card or debit, no cash will be accepted.

Patient Protocols

  • All patients will be screened before making any in-person appointments.
    • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 (sore throat, cough, fever, etc.) please notify our front desk immediately so that we may postpone your appointment to a later date. Additionally, if you have traveled within the past 14 days, come in contact with someone who has recently traveled or if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 we also ask that you notify our front desk immediately so that we may postpone your appointment.
  •  All patients are advised to bring their own protective equipment (mask, gloves) as masks are required to be worn at all times while you are visiting The PWC.
    • Patients must disinfect their hands before and after all appointments.
    • Patients are responsible for bringing their own masks. If you do not have a mask one will be provided for you by front staff at a nominal cost ($2).
  • Patients who decline to wear a mask will not be seen.
  • All patients must come alone for all appointments to reduce the number of people in the waiting area. If you are accompanied by someone, they will be asked to wait off the premises; unless they are needed to help you physically or are acting as a translator.

Booking Appointments 

Starting on June 8th our phone lines will resume normal functionality so you may reach our front desk directly (1-800-597-5733). Please be advised that there may be some delays in responding to phone messages and emails at the time of opening as we anticipate an increase in bookings. Kindly allow up to 24 hours for our admin team to respond to your message.

Provider In-Person Appointments

Please note that all our providers will be available for in-person sessions but we recommend considering virtual appointments where applicable.

The following practitioners are available for virtual sessions:

  • Dr. Mailis and Dr. Gordon  (follow ups and history for new patients, but physical examination must be in person)
  • Psychology/Psychotherapy (Dr. Karen Spivak and Nada Elfeki)
  • Mindfulness (Louisa Mailis)
  • Naturopathy and Nutrition (Dr. Paul Hrkal, Dr. Christine Cho)

*Please note that our Psychotherapist, Nada Elfeki, will be available for in-person appointments on Tuesdays only.

If you currently have a phone session with one of our providers and would like to switch it to an in-person assessment please call our front desk.

We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to create a safe and comfortable environment and we look forward to seeing you soon!

-The PWC Team

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