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What is Suffering?

Suffering is inevitable. We are always going to encounter it. There is no way around it, no way to fight it, it will happen whether we like it or not. Suffering can be extreme and come in the form of a physical impairment like breaking a limb or an emotional ...
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Chronic Pain Assessment - Pain and Wellness Center

What is Suffering: Part 2

My last blog entry talked about how suffering is inevitable and even small grievances can give us a lot of unwanted anxiety. Let’s dig a little deeper into what is actually going on in the brain. If you find yourself consistently sweating the small stuff, then you should consider the ...
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PWC Success Stories: Multi-Step Therapy

A 46-year-old businessman was involved in a multi-vehicle accident and experienced immediate nausea, dizziness, headache and disorientation. When he sees us 3 weeks after the injury, he is unable to drive and continues to complain of significant post-concussion symptoms and post-traumatic headaches. After our medical and manual therapy assessment, he ...
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PWC Success Stories: Motor Vehicle Accident Patient

A 38 year old woman who was involved in a serious car accident when her car was broadsided by another vehicle on Highway 400 and subsequently flipped over in a ditch. Neck x-rays in emergency were reported as normal, but her right knee was not x-rayed despite the fact she ...
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Are You Drinking Too Much?

Hi there! My name is Karen Spivak and I’m a psychologist at the Pain and Wellness Centre. I’m sure many of you have been thinking about how to improve your health moving forward in 2015. I know I have. I’ve been thinking about how to be more active, how to ...
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Simple New Years Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

It’s halfway through January and I hope your New Years resolutions are in full swing. You may have noticed that the gym is more full and the yoga studio is a tighter squeeze. While I am a big fan of resolving to live a healthier life, I think New Year ...
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Meet the Doctor: Dr Paul Hrkal ND

I wanted to briefly introduce myself as a new member of The Pain & Wellness Centre healthcare team. In the spirit of community and relationship that is so central to the mission of the Pain and Wellness Centre, I wanted to share a little bit more about myself and my ...
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PWC Success Stories Part 1

I wanted to share a few examples of success stories that I've experienced in the short time that our clinic has been open. Here is the first installment. These are the types of things that keep me going and bolster my commitment to bringing comprehensive pain treatment and care to ...
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