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Managing Fibromyalgia

Chronic pain can be a nuisance. Whether from a sports injury, poor posture, de-conditioning, or the aches that come from aging. Managing chronic pain is often a complicated process that involves interdisciplinary care, including manual therapy, exercise, stress management and medications. Even though the road to recovery may be long, ...
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This is a Pain in the Neck! – A Chiropractor’s Personal Experience with Chronic Neck Pain

By Dr. Naomi Kupferstein We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, waking up in the morning and feeling pain or discomfort in your neck. Not knowing how or why this happened, your head feels locked and you realize this is a crummy way to start your day. ...
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Managing your mental health during self-isolation

It is no question that we are all living in very difficult and uncertain times. Our regular way of life has dramatically shifted and we are all struggling to adapt to this “new normal”. Some of us are adapting well; working from home, maintaining a sense of order and routine, ...
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How to Stay Sane Thrive While Social Distancing Dr. Christine Cho, ND

What a time to be alive! We are currently in the throngs of a global crisis with COVID-19 touching too close to home.  In just a couple short weeks we (Canadians) went from thinking “oh man that really sucks for China/Italy/South Korea/Iran” to now hearing stories of neighbours, friends, colleagues ...
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X-Rays, Ultrasounds, MRI’s OH MY! How Diagnostic Imaging Doesn’t Always Paint a Perfect Picture

Technology. It’s something that we all benefit from on a daily basis, from our smartphones to our smart TV’s, everything is getting smarter, faster. Much like other industries, the health sector has benefitted greatly in recent years from a rapid growth and expansion of its technology. We are able to detect severe life-threatening diseases and injuries with much greater accuracy ...
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Failing at Goal setting? Why not try something new!

The new year is still upon us as we enter into the month of February. Many people have set new goals with large intentions to make this new year the best year yet. They start with fire in their bellies, excited and motivated to do something different and positive changes ...
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Simple New Years Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Dr. Paul Hrkal It’s halfway through January and I hope your New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. You may have noticed that the gym is packed and the yoga studio is a tighter squeeze. While I am a big fan of resolving to live a healthier life, I think ...
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How to Conquer Stress and Put the Joy Back in the Holidays

December brings festive parties, fun times with family, favourite traditions… and stress. How much stress? According to a Healthline survey, the combination of joy and pressure that makes up the month of December means that more than 60% of us find the holiday season somewhat to very stressful. Considering the ...
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Festive Temptations: How to avoid weight gain over the holidays

Everyone loves the holidays—the snow, gifts, seeing friends and family, and most of all, the FOOD!  We’ve all allowed ourselves to indulge over the holidays and then figured we’ll deal with any weight gain in the new year, because that’s what new year’s resolutions are for, right?   Unfortunately, very few ...
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The Problem of Chronic Pain in Canada Blog Post - Pain and Wellness Center

The Problem Of Chronic Pain In Canada

Chronic pain of one sort or another affects approximately 1 in 3-4 Canadians. In raw numbers this means 3-4 million people in Ontario alone and 9-12 million people across the nation. Chronis pain is no “small business”. The term “chronic” means pain that is present daily or very often, for ...
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